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It is very important for our patients not to benefit from painful procedures, so we use sedation techniques to put the patient in complete relaxation. Both surgical procedures and prosthetic work can be done without pain. Also, the sterilization of the instruments used in our clinic is an aspect that we treat with the utmost seriousness.

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It’s our mission to bring you closer to your dream of having beautiful and straight teeth. We have the necessary solutions to achieve this. Our doctors have the ability to do this.

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Whether you want to find out about your dental situation or need help immediately for a dental problem, we can help. We have the necessary expertise in all areas of dentistry. We offer services for adults and children.

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We offer the guarantee of a bright smile.

  • Traian, I want to thank you publicly. If you were an artist you would be a Leonardo Da Vinci. You're just a dentist, but you're a talent in the profession, which puts you in between the big masters. I recommend you warmly for surgery (implantology) but also for heavy things like cape, bridges, implants because you are more than professional. You are a visionary and you have the latest equipment.
    Udrescu Daniel
  • A friend recommended me to go to this ultramodern clinic and I followed her advice for convenience, that is, I was not interested anywhere else.The clinic is clean, hygienized, and Dr. Comanescu really knows his the job, he has time to work properly and well. Not only will I come here from now on, but I recommend to all who respect their health!
    Ana Nistor
  • Dr. Comanescu saved two of my teeth I thought I would lose. Before I came to Arra Dental Clinic i was in three other cabinets, and every time I was told that because of the very advanced periodontitis I will lose the two teeth. After a successful surgery, dr. Comanescu has managed to save them. I'm sorry I waited so long to get into his cabinet, but I'm very happy that I managed to keep my teeth. Once again, thank you, Dr. Comanescu.
  • I have only words of praise for Dr. Traian Comanescu. He is a physician and an exceptional man! I am not going to tell my personal experience with dentists. Watch out for what doctor you are going, because it can affect your life's lack of experience of some of them !!! I highly recommend Arra Dental and, in particular, Dr. Comanescu!
    Alina M.
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