Why choose us?

Everything about what we do and how we do ...

We use top equipment

At Arra Dental Clinique, dentists use the latest top materials and equipment to care for your teeth, raising the standards of our procedures. We invest in our medical staff, following many trainings and continuous training courses in the country and abroad to offer you the highest quality services.

We offer exceptional dental care

Our cosmetic doctors are ready to offer you high-quality services using state-of-the-art procedures and materials, keeping your teeth well-functioning and aesthetic for as long as possible. Your satisfaction is the most important for us.

A team with a vast experience

Women or men, doctors or assistants, all the members of Arra Dental Clinique are in continuous improvement to keep up with the latest discoveries in the field of dental medicine. We all share the same ethical principles and have the same goal: to achieve the highest standards of dental medicine in an environment that offers you comfort and safety.

A comfortable and welcoming environment

Arra Dental Clinique is the place where art meets dental practice. Among our patients there were anxious, nervous and scared people because of the unpleasant experiences of the past. We are proud that Arra Dental Clinique manages to offer its patients the most enjoyable experience, minimizing stress in the dental office.

Ethics in Dental Care

The doctors from Arra Dental Clinique believe that it’s very important to look after your teeth. However, health is the most important aspect. In choosing the customized treatment, we will look after your status parameters (blood glucose, blood pressure, decompensated disease, allergies) and then choose your treatment.

Throughout your experience at Arra Dental Clinic, we ensure that you are the center of attention, get the best care and respond promptly to your needs and questions. We will give you the time to be fully satisfied.

The treatments we perform for our patients meet the highest quality standards due to the materials and equipment used. We guarantee the products and results of our work.

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