About Us

We are a modern clinic with complete dental services.

Our vision

To improve dental health by providing quality dental services in a professional environment.

We are guided by well-established principles. We distinguish ourselves through sincerity and the power to offer life-time smiles.

We annually reinvest 80% of our profit in equipment and international courses / congresses.

Values of Arra Dental Clinique

We constantly invest in equipment and courses.


We strive with great interest in achieving the highest level of performance every day. This requires continuous work and a focus on quality.


Each team member has the obligation to maintain our mission and principles.

A dental clinic dedicated to your smile

Our actions are focused on providing a warm and welcoming experience to any patient. We treat each client with respect as if they were a member of our team.


We behave to the highest level of sincerity, ethics and integrity. We will always support what is right for our patients.


We can do more together than individual. Success requires teamwork and respect for each other. This requires open, efficient and constructive communication.

Dr. Traian Comanescu - Arra Dental Clinique
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