Dental Tourism in Romania

Dental tourism is one of the most renowned forms of medical tourism and Romania is becoming one of the most popular destinations in this sector. Our team of specialized local dentists is prepared to provide patients with premium services and dental care.

Treatments at Arra Dental Clinique!

  • Reconstructive dentistry

Arra Dental Clinique offers a comprehensive range of dental prosthetics and restorative treatments including zirconium crowns, ceramic crowns, porcelain crowns, bridges, dentures and the Snap-on-Smile technique.

  • Dental implants

Arra Dental Clinique’s specialist implantologist, Dr. Traian Comanescu, works with leading dental implant brands Alpha-Bio and Zimmer to offer high quality, lasting solutions for missing and lost teeth. Using the latest technology and techniques, he is able to perform successful dental implants even in difficult cases such as low or poor quality bone density or in patients with old dental extractions.

  • Cosmetic dentistry

Arra Dental Clinique provides a full cosmetic dentistry and smile makeover service, including teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns, implants, orthodontics, tooth reshaping and gum restructuring.

  • Orthodontics

The specialists at Arra Dental Clinique offer a full range of modern orthodontic solutions for problems such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, misplaced midline, gaps between the teeth and overcrowding. Both fixed and removable appliances are available.

  • Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when an infection invades the pulp of the tooth, often following decay or injury. Arra Dental Clinique offers endodontic treatment of a painful tooth including cleaning and disinfecting, filling or placement of a crown.

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Arra Dental Clinque’s dentists provide a range of oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures including tooth extraction, extraction of cysts or chronic infections, extracting or anchoring dental implants, impacted wisdom tooth extraction, bone grafting, sinus lifting, bite correction and pre-prosthetic surgery.

  • Periodontology

The dentists at Arra Dental Clinique offer non-surgical and surgical treatments for gum disease, as well as professional cleaning, preventative treatment and oral hygiene advice.

  • Preventative dentistry and oral hygiene

Arra Dental Clinique’s team are committed to preventative dentistry, offering routine dental check-ups and professional dental cleaning to remove plaque, calculus and dental stains.

  • Paediatric dentistry

The paediatric dentists at Arra Dental Clinique are experienced in working with children and helping them to overcome any existing fears. Welcoming children of all ages, they offer advice and treatment for teething pain and sore gums, help with preventative dental care and habit counselling, provide tooth cavity treatment and help children understand the importance of prevention. They are also specialists in orthodontics for children and adolescents, using the newest materials and techniques.

  • High quality treatment at affordable prices

Arra Dental Clinique offers a wide range of high quality dental treatments at prices up to 70% less than those in Western European countries, the US and Canada. Affordable packages that include all travel, accommodation and tourism services are available.

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